Once upon a time, there was a hotel of the future...

Lily of the Valley is set between the gentle Riviera and bustling Saint-Tropez with terraces overlooking and offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The hotel stands proud on Gigaro Hill, as if always there, in these unspoilt natural surroundings, with 5 km of fine sand beaches below.

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Specialising in weight control, Lily of the Valley accompanies you in the pursuit of your goals and helps you get back in shape.

With 2000 square meters dedicated to sport, treatment and well-being, Lily of the Valley offers programs targeting weight control through focusses such as detox, sports performance, slimming, better-aging and relaxation. The approach encompasses a health checkup, engaging outdoor, indoor or aquatic sporting activities, expert wellness treatments and rigorous dietary monitoring.


The Lily of the Valley story is all about wellness and the art of living.

Lily of the Valley is a place that hungers for values of generosity and kindness; where every nook and cranny is infused with energy and balance. Residents are invited to enjoy a moment of pleasure in a sophisticated setting with premium service and tailored wellness programmes.

Generosity, conviviality and sharing at the table

There is no pressure at Lily of the Valley. Guests can enjoy the hotel's two restaurants as they please, whether from a poolside lounger, on a terrace facing the sea or under the stars at one of the tables dotted around the parkland.



"Creation must invest in an environment without destabilising it" - Philippe Starck

At Lily of the Valley, human and nature come together as one in a place of balance, wellness and kindness.

The offers of the moment

Enjoy a yoga

Enjoy a yoga class on wednesday and saturday (9 am) before savoring a healthy breakfast at our restaurant

Info and bookings +33 (0)4 22 73 22 14 or [email protected]

Happy Lily Hour

Enjoy a 30-minute-massage and a free access to our Wellness Village before taking a cocktail with fingerfood in front of the sea, from Monday to Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm.

Info and bookings +33 (0)4 22 73 22 14 or [email protected]

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