The vocation of Lily of the Valley can be summed up in a few words: "Take care of yourself." When you come to Lily of the Valley, it's because you want to take time out to take care of yourself – and you entrust us with this mission. Now, more than ever, our dedication to taking care of you is particularly important.

Space, nature, and care

Lily of the Valley is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to recharge their batteries and feel renewed and restored – so it's just what many of you need after spending weeks in lockdown. Surrounded by pine forests, sunshine, and the Mediterranean, you can breathe in the sea air and the fragrant scrubland as you gaze at the nature all around you. The rooms are located within "houses," without internal corridors, while the terraces provide plenty of private, outdoor space. It's a world away from the claustrophobic atmosphere of lockdown, which will soon be nothing but a distant memory. With a surface area of 37 to 115 m², each room opens onto its own spacious terrace with a table that's perfect for an intimate dinner, as well as a large "sunbed" that's big enough for two and ideal for a sumptuous siesta... 

Take the time you need to feel good again…

If the past few weeks have taken a toll on you and left you feeling tired, the team at our Wellness Village is here to help get you back to your normal, healthy self again through a customized program based on your personal objectives – whether you want to boost your natural defenses, detox your body or restore your physical strength. Through sport, expert treatments, and massage, we'll help you to achieve your goals. 

…or to lose weight gained over the past few weeks

For many French people, the lockdown left them with lots of time for home cooking and comfort food, with inevitable consequences for their waistline... If you've put on a few extra pounds, our chef and dietician can give you dietary advice and put together weight loss menus to help you get your body back to the shape you want. 

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