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Lily of the Valley offers extensive wellness expertise based on holistic medicine, innovative techniques and ancient therapies.

With 2,000 m² devoted to health, sport and relaxation, Lily of the Valley has everything guests could ask for to help them look better and feel better during their stay. From weight loss to detox and physical preparation, expert solutions can be provided that are tailored to individual needs, thanks to the hotel's wide range of facilities. At Lily of the Valley, wellness and French art de vivre come together in perfect harmony...


From the first rays of sunshine to the last twilight of the evening, the Wellness Village offers you exceptional sports activities

From meditation to Biking sprint, through our aquatic activities, our sports experts are there to advise and guide you, in group classes or private coaching.



Lily of the Valley offers extensive wellness expertise based on holistic medicine, innovative techniques and ancient therapies.

At the heart of the Well-Being Village are seven spacious treatment rooms bathed in natural light, where aesthetic, energizing and Ayurvedic treatments, along with wellness massages, are given by a team of experienced therapists. Our "Signature" protocols, created specially for the Well-Being Village, allow you to enjoy a completely new treatment experience. Our relaxation area comprises two saunas with different temperatures, a large steam room, a snow shower, an ice fountain, a relaxation room and an herbal tea room, where you can enjoy a selection of healthy, flavorsome options.



Cut By Fred is the vision of the hairstyle, simple and natural of its creator:
"We do not transform, we reveal ..."

After studying with the best hairdressers between Paris and New York, Fred chose to go beyond the academic border and claim a real artistic gesture. Fred loves to transmit and make people want to love their hair and therefore to love each other more !



Lily of the Valley Wellness Village Manager

Diane BERNARDIN has evolved in the world of aesthetics, hairdressing and Well-being since she was 19 years old.  With her own business at first and then in various prestigious international institutions, which gives her a solid experience in creating and restructuring businesses. Her taste for new projects motivates her into creating original and innovative concepts in order to offer the best of experiences to her clients. She claims authentic high standards where each of her guests is welcomed in a personalized way. Diane has found at Lily of the Valley the perfect place for all her new ideas and projects to come to life, life-size.

In May 2019, Diane won a World Award for Best Spa Manager at the Black Diamond Award held at the George V in Paris, rewarding her career and her achievements.


Head of Spa treatments

Gilles SZAFIRKO has been practicing wellness massages for 12 years. He was trained at the ARTEC in Paris (Research Academy of Body Welfare Education Techniques). His approach to energetic massages allowed him to win the prize of Best French Masseur in 2017 (Spas de France label) with his creation : the Senso shiatsu. His activity began in 2007 in the guesthouse he created in Normandy and then in a similar context, he renewed the experience in Moroccan luxury hotels and private riads in Marrakech, Casablanca or Tangier. He will continue freelance in Paris for his renowned clientele.

After spending three years in the Luberon in a 5-star hotel Spa and after following a training in Ayurvedic treatments, he joined the Lily of the Valley project as head of Spa treatments, masseur and team trainer. He signs, with the Wellness Center Manager Diane BERNARDIN, the creation of new "Signature" massages such as the Lily Wellness.


Head of sports

Professional dancer for more than 10 years, Nicole then goes into the practice of Fitness. She becomes Manager and manages her own gyms for several years.

Her dancing experience remaining present, Nicole will then go into aerial dance and pole dance. Passionate about all sports and artistic activities, yoga gradually becomes an obvious choice for her in order to bring harmony between body and mind.

Whether it’s in Fitness or Yoga, Nicole teaches her students optimal positioning, using control more than strength, by toning and coaching in a way where nothing is impossible.

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